Death and the Shaman

advanced training

In our present world we seem to do as much as we can to avoid death. We often forget that death is an essential and inevitable part of and endless cyclus.
In this training we explore our personal relation with death and we learn to use shaman’s tools that help us with terminal guidance, farewel rituals and the worlds of souls.

In all shamanic traditions there are insights and rituals around death that are of great value for us right now. How to support a dying person, how do you guide the soul, what happens after dying, how do you integrate this into the current cultural traditions around dying, what is mourning and more. During the training we do various exercises that provide insights but can also be used at another moment in your life or in the life (and dying) of another person.

It is an advanced training in which the participants should already have some experience with shamanism. After applying you will receive a questionnaire with questions about experience with death, your question, desire or expectations.

2 days 10:00-17:00
€ 200,-
location variable
language; dutch (english on request)

Scheduled for 2020:  September 24 and 25 in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands

Scheduled for 2021: February 5 and 19, region Utrecht

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