Shamanic healing


Shamanism is of all times and places. A binding element of all forms of shamanism is that everyone and everything has a soul and that everything is connected. The shaman is a brigde between different worlds, a mediator, a service hatch, someone who sees in the dark.
I won’t spend more time on shamanic commonplaces. I’d rather tell more about what I do myself.

In my work I help to find balance for the soul (of humans, animals, nations, houses, places..) by tracing lost soulparts en to help with integration, making power recources available and by relocating or transforming burdensome energy. For this I use my own powerful recources, my voice, drum and other shamanic instruments and recources.

In my work I am strongly connected to shamans in the north of Mongolia. The teachings that I received through the years through this connection in my work, my dreams and my experiences in Mongolia are very dear to me. They give me the humility, power and wisdom for the work.
Through my cultural background I’m connected to the ‘Sami people’ from northern Europe. With them I use my voice during the work.

And besides all that, I have an earthly Dutch character that provides for practical translation to day-to-day life.

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