Terminal Guidance


When you realize that your life will soon come to an end, your remaining days will be valued in a new way. Questions rise about meaning and fulfilment, sometimes about treatment and care. Emotions and longings will present themselves, there will be celebration, mourning, cleaning and clearing.


The art of living is to be in peace with what is.
There is no reason to wait with living a meaningful life till the doctor anounces your death.

‘Living your longings and talents’, your authentic being, is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and to the world.


You don’t need to live and die all by yourself. I can give you guidance to discover your possibilities in your remaining life, in letting go, in acceptance and transformation.

In the guidance I use my knowledge and experience of many years but I also use my ability to cross over the line between life and death, together with shamanic journying, systemic constellations and rituals.

Besides being psychological and spiritual, the guidance can also be practical; how to deal with young children who stay behind, how to leave good memories, what is possible at funerals…

We will take time to talk about the personal way of guidance for you or your loved ones.