Shaman’s Voice

Advanced training
In this training you enhance your skills in using your voice in shamanic work.
Everything is animated and has a unique vibration. The voice is a powerful instrument to transform and transport energy (vibrations, frequencies). That means that, for example, you can use sound to transform the vibration of a physical complaint into a healthy vibration or that the vibration of a longing can be tranformed to the frequency of manifestation.
By making your voice more available, you open a strong channel for the spirits to work through.
We work with practical exercises to be used in your own trainings or practice (while you work with your own theme’s during the training).

Requirement; It is possible to participate if you’ve had a solid training or experience in shamanic work. In case you are not sure, just get in contact with me to check.

1 day 10:00 – 17:00
100 euro
5 -15 participants
Location variable
Language; Dutch and/or English

Scheduled for 2021: November 14 , Arnhem, the Netherlands.

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